Well, I've been working on my new site, mooncandy. MSN is being a moron. I can't save changes to my page, send e-mails, or post messages. I'm on the verge of losing my patience with the dang thing. I have figured I way to deal with sending e-mails, but I can't update my webpages and that pisses me off.


Hello everyone. Today I signed up for my first blog. Whoohoo! Why the name Horsefeathers? Why not. I've always liked it. Perfect thing to name it. Anyways, we just got our new moniter for our computer. Ironic how they picked up the first one they sent us (the one that didn't work) and delivered the second one at the same moment. Well, I better go. Jesse, my brother, wants on. I'll give you an intro later. Peace.